June & July Jellies

Plan ahead and book your FREE tickets to hot-desk and co-work at upcoming Manchester Jellies in June & July right here:

June 2012

Fri 1st: http://manchesterjelly33.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 8th: http://manchesterjelly34.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 15th: http://manchesterjelly35.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 22nd: http://manchesterjelly36.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 29th: http://manchesterjelly37.eventbrite.co.uk

July 2012

Fri 6th: http://manchesterjelly38.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 13th: http://manchesterjelly39.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 20th: http://manchesterjelly40.eventbrite.co.uk

Fri 27th: http://manchesterjelly41.eventbrite.co.uk


Book your tickets for our March Jellies

We’ve published the event pages for the March Manchester Jellies where you can book your tickets, so go ahead!

March 2012

Friday 2nd: http://manchesterjelly21.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 9th: http://manchesterjelly22.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 16th: http://manchesterjelly23.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 23rd: http://manchesterjelly24.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 30th: http://manchesterjelly25.eventbrite.co.uk

Co-Working and Jellies in the Media

Over the last few months we’ve been tweeting out links to articles on the rise of Co-Working and/or Jellies. Here they are if you’ve missed them:

A great article about Co-Working in The Economisthttp://www.economist.com/node/21542190

The Guardian: “Sharing office-space encourages innovation and positive social impact” http://t.co/ZhB3TVTf

nebusiness.co.uk: “Co-working could bring inspiration… in 2012 it’s going to be everywhere.” http://t.co/rzFsNcgw

Smart Planet: “…the best place to work might be next to someone you’ve never met.” Coworking spaces: a smarter office? http://t.co/v4rlmUfv

Cisco: “Companies are embracing “co-working” spaces to spark new ideas and innovations for their businesses.” http://t.co/Nhe9yn5d

Social Earth: “Top 5 Reasons Why Coworking is for Social Entrepreneurs” http://t.co/Q52ucY3D

The Globe and Mail: “Goodbye home office, hello co-working” http://t.co/JVAP7QWK

And another of our regulars, Tom Jenkins, has written a great blog about their time at Manchester Jelly: http://itsravenous.com/blog/working-at-jelly

Manchester Jelly Around The Web

We’ve been mentioned in a few places recently off the back of our Press Release and a couple of our attendees have written blogs about us.

CreativeTimes.co.uk and Ralli Solicitors added our press release to their site, with Enterprise Freelance Fair pointing out our upcoming Jellies up to Christmas.

DadHacker (Dave Potts) and Freshbeat (Matt Pealing) both blogged about their positive experiences at Manchester Jelly.

From DadHacker:

The conversation came and went. Sometimes there were conversations about WordPress, VAT returns, charge out rates. Sometimes there were Trappist like silences… Oh, and I did manage to have a reasonably productive day!

From Freshbeat:

I’ve met lots of interesting people… and find it’s a great way to separate work from my personal life.

We’ve also created a new Google+ page so add us to your “Awesome” circle!

Tickets Are Available For Manchester Jelly!

We’ve just released tickets for the first few Manchester Jellies on Eventbrite. There are only 20 tickets for each Jelly so grab them while they’re hot!


You’ll need a ticket to come along to Manchester Jelly. There are 2 tickets you can get, the Free Ticket, or the Free Ticket including a Donation to MadLab. If you opt for the Free Ticket, a donation of £5 to MadLab would be extremely welcomed on the day.

Looking forward to seeing you!

What Happens At A Jelly?

A Jelly is an informal co-working day for freelancers, small businesses and home-workers. It is a chance to get work done somewhere different while meeting other interesting people.

At Manchester Jelly you are free to come and go at any time from 9am – 6pm. We’ll have tables & chairs to work from, super-fast Wi-Fi, Tea & Coffee and some other friendly folks to meet.

Judy Heminsley has a great write-up on attending a Jelly and what to expect. She points out some thoughts from Jan Minihane who runs Shropshire Jelly on why you should come to a Jelly:

  • Lots of those annoying little IT questions that slow us all down got answered instantly by the more IT-savvy attendees.
  • Often there was a buzz in the room as people chatted, sometimes in small groups, sometimes the whole room. At other times there was complete silence as we all cracked on with work.
  • I was genuinely less distracted there than when I work from home – I couldn’t go do the ironing/cooking/cleaning/shopping because I was ‘at work’.
  • Someone sneezed (bear with me!) and someone else said ‘bless you’ – when you work on your own day in day out you don’t get that feedback – it put a smile on my face anyway (yes, yes, I may be nuts).
  • Some attendees asked for advice on things (e.g. how their new website was looking, how to deal with a difficult client, what social media they should be using etc) and got instant honest feedback from like-minded people.
  • Having lunch with people – what a treat that was and made a change from my usual bagel & jam lunch at home sat at my laptop not actually having a break….
  • Someone offering to make me a cup of tea – I’m telling you it was the little things that mattered most!
  • Meeting people who I’d had conversations with on Twitter/Facebook and finally getting to meet them and having time to have a ‘real’ chat in person.
  • I got through a lot of my admin that I always put off (mainly my accounts!) – come on admit it, you do it too…..

In short, this is what won’t happen at Manchester Jelly:

  • Sales pitches
  • Aggressive “networking”
  • Loud Music
  • Embarrassing group activities (such as group ice-breakers)

…and this is what will happen at Manchester Jelly:

  • Work
  • Meet interesting professionals
  • Free Tea, Coffee & biscuits
  • Informal chat
  • Receive and give help
  • Happy times!

Do you have any questions about what to expect or what’s allowed? Leave a comment below and we’ll respond ASAP.