2012 Manchester Jelly Dates & Tickets


from revdancatt

Good news everyone! Manchester Jelly is returning in January!

We’re sticking to Friday’s at MadLab and will startup again on the 13th January. You can book your tickets using the links below:


Friday 13th: http://manchesterjelly14.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 20th: http://manchesterjelly15.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 27th: http://manchesterjelly16.eventbrite.co.uk


Friday 3rd: http://manchesterjelly17.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 10th: http://manchesterjelly18.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 17th: http://manchesterjelly19.eventbrite.co.uk

Friday 24th: http://manchesterjelly20.eventbrite.co.uk

Exciting things are afoot with Jellies in Greater Manchester. Salford Jelly is starting in January and there are whispers of an East Manchester Jelly. We’re even pondering starting another Manchester Jelly at another City Center location on a different day of the week. What day do you think would work best?


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