Press Release for Manchester Jelly

To try to raise the profile of Manchester Jelly so it benefits more people, we’ve produced a Press Release. The more people our Jelly attracts, the more connections and conversations and help can be had by everyone – the more the merrier!

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Ben Gibbs
Manchester Jelly

A fabulous start for the free Manchester Jelly collaborative co-working collective

Manchester, 01-11-2011 – Every Friday, from 9am – 6pm, a group of freelancers,
small business owners, telecommuters and home workers convene at MadLab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for Manchester Jelly – a free casual co-working event where workers can collaborate, share tips, swap ideas and simply get down to business whilst being amongst other like-minded individuals.

Working on your own can sometimes be a little isolating, especially with the nights growing
dark earlier and earlier. The Jelly is a way to brighten up the working week by getting a group of people together and working alongside other interesting people.

Manchester Jelly, which started in September this year, is the first free casual co-working
event in Manchester. It draws a range of individuals together every Friday; including
freelancers, telecommuters, small/micro business owners and entrepreneurs, for the
opportunity to get their work done whilst meeting and helping each other.

“Jellies started in America a few years ago and now regularly take place in dozens of cities
across the world, including several in the UK” says Ben Gibbs, co-founder of Manchester

“Some people work in isolation a lot of the time and Manchester Jelly offers the chance to
work amongst other people, allowing those random, fun and helpful conversations to take
place when people are sharing a space and working together. Some small businesses use
Jellies as a chance to get out of the office and meet new people.”

“Jellies are for people from any industry, we’ve had translators, project managers, web developers, illustrators, writers and many more types professions at Manchester Jelly, some of whom are freelancers and others are employed.”

Manchester Jelly takes place every Friday from 9am to 6pm at MadLab on Edge Street in
Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter. It is free to attend, with free tea & Coffee and super-fast WiFi. Voluntary £5 donations to go towards the running of the space are appreciated for the host venue MadLab.

Recent attendees of Manchester Jelly have been enthused by their experiences:

“Thanks for organising a great event btw. And good to meet everyone!”

“Was great to get working amongst other freelancers / home workers. Shame I couldn’t stay
for the whole day. Will be back in a couple of weeks. Keep up the good work.”

“Co-working is a growing trend around the world” says Natalie Whittaker, MadLab’s event
co-ordinator. “During uncertain times people have realised the benefit and support that co-working alongside other professionals offers. Not only can it increase productivity but also enables those who come to learn of new products, services and best practices to help them with their work.”

To book tickets to attend any upcoming Manchester Jellies just visit the website at http://
where you’ll also be able to see all the latest news. You can follow Manchester Jelly on Twitter or Facebook too.


Ben Gibbs
Manchester Jelly
07811 197374

Natalie Whittaker
Manchester Digital Laboratory
07806 422245

Notes to Editors:


Manchester Jelly is a free, casual co-working event for freelancers, home workers,
telecommuters and small/micro business owners. It happens every Friday from 9am – 6pm at MadLab on Edge Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


The MadLab is a community space for creative people including artists, designers,
illustrators, web developers, tinkerers and innovators; with events and courses taking
place there on a regular basis. It’s a not-for-profit organisation dependent on funding and
appreciative of any donation as a contribution towards the project.


Additional attachments:

Photograph of Manchester Jelly co-workers


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