First Manchester Jelly Was A Great Day!

Today’s first Manchester Jelly was a wonderful and positive day. 15 freelancers, home-workers and business owners came to co-work together at MadLab.

Here is some feedback from the day:

Thanks for organising a great event btw. And good to meet everyone!

Awesome to see it’s so busy! Will have to make sure I plan ahead and get a ticket for next weeks before they sell out :o)

Was great to get working amongst other freelancers / home workers. Shame I couldn’t stay for the whole day. Will be back in a couple of weeks. Keep up the good work.

A number of those attending were able to help each other with technical website bugs, or feedback on their websites and there was a useful conversation on when an invoice becomes outstanding: once it’s issued, or 28 days after it’s issued?!

We had a bit of a debate on what hashtag we could use for Manchester Jelly. #manchesterjelly and #themould were suggested, but we agreed on #jellymcr so that’s the one to use from now on folks!

A particular highlight for most seemed to be a group lunch of Pie and Chips at Nexus Art Cafe!


A number of those at the Jelly today are wanting to come again next week or the week after, so it’ll be great to see you again along with plenty of new faces!

Sign up for next Friday’s Jelly here: http://manchester–


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