What Happens At A Jelly?

A Jelly is an informal co-working day for freelancers, small businesses and home-workers. It is a chance to get work done somewhere different while meeting other interesting people.

At Manchester Jelly you are free to come and go at any time from 9am – 6pm. We’ll have tables & chairs to work from, super-fast Wi-Fi, Tea & Coffee and some other friendly folks to meet.

Judy Heminsley has a great write-up on attending a Jelly and what to expect. She points out some thoughts from Jan Minihane who runs Shropshire Jelly on why you should come to a Jelly:

  • Lots of those annoying little IT questions that slow us all down got answered instantly by the more IT-savvy attendees.
  • Often there was a buzz in the room as people chatted, sometimes in small groups, sometimes the whole room. At other times there was complete silence as we all cracked on with work.
  • I was genuinely less distracted there than when I work from home – I couldn’t go do the ironing/cooking/cleaning/shopping because I was ‘at work’.
  • Someone sneezed (bear with me!) and someone else said ‘bless you’ – when you work on your own day in day out you don’t get that feedback – it put a smile on my face anyway (yes, yes, I may be nuts).
  • Some attendees asked for advice on things (e.g. how their new website was looking, how to deal with a difficult client, what social media they should be using etc) and got instant honest feedback from like-minded people.
  • Having lunch with people – what a treat that was and made a change from my usual bagel & jam lunch at home sat at my laptop not actually having a break….
  • Someone offering to make me a cup of tea – I’m telling you it was the little things that mattered most!
  • Meeting people who I’d had conversations with on Twitter/Facebook and finally getting to meet them and having time to have a ‘real’ chat in person.
  • I got through a lot of my admin that I always put off (mainly my accounts!) – come on admit it, you do it too…..

In short, this is what won’t happen at Manchester Jelly:

  • Sales pitches
  • Aggressive “networking”
  • Loud Music
  • Embarrassing group activities (such as group ice-breakers)

…and this is what will happen at Manchester Jelly:

  • Work
  • Meet interesting professionals
  • Free Tea, Coffee & biscuits
  • Informal chat
  • Receive and give help
  • Happy times!

Do you have any questions about what to expect or what’s allowed? Leave a comment below and we’ll respond ASAP.


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